I am a designer and director that makes motion graphics and animation. I'm based in sunny Orlando, Florida, but thanks to the magic of the internet, I can work with clients in cooler parts of the world too.

I work with studios, agencies, and clients on projects that include advertising, broadcast, branded content, live experiences, projection mapping, and some other things that I just can't think of at the moment. I work with brands like Disney, Electronic Arts, Facebook, Karma, Microsoft, Oculus, Orlando Magic, Planet Hollywood, Primark, and others.

My background in graphic design and filmmaking, combined with my life long art habit, and a never ending desire to learn new things, means that I bring a diverse set of skills to every project.

I have a meticulous attention to detail, and just enough technical proficiency to be dangerous. My toolbox includes a handful of 3D software, a few things made by Adobe, and more plugins than an electrical supply company.

I am available for contract work and collaborations, so get in touch and let's start a project together!
Email: hello [at] zadie.com
Voice: 407-410-3663
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